Monday, 22 October 2012

Kitchen Number One

It's been a long time since I posted any of my CGI work. I recently made the decision after many years of using Cinema 4D and Vray to learn Studio Max with Vray. I've been using Mac computers for around 8 years and I certainly know where I stand on the Mac vs PC debate, it's been a particular chore using a PC.

Studio Max has been an exciting challenge and much of my Cinema 4D Vray knowledge has transferred across well but the biggest task has been learning how to model in studio max. The Vray side of things seems much more advanced than in C4D, which you would expect considering it has been around longer for Studio Max users. The materials interface is very in-depth and excellent for building up complex materials although two monitors seem to be a necessity. 

Below are some CGI images from my first Studio Max/Vray personal project. I came across the interior space on Pinterest and fell in love with it instantly! I initially tried to create an exact photo match of the space but it didn't really turn out as planned and I naturally wanted to start putting my own ideas into the space which you can see more in the second image. 

The old skull obsession has crept into the space and perhaps it should be my trade mark in my CGI images!? 

I have included the original photograph I found on Pinterest at the end of the post. 

I hope you like them... 

Below is the original photograph which the CGI's were based on...