Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mercato Restaurant

Here is some new personal CGI work I started a while back... it's always difficult finding the time to work on stuff outside of live projects but I always try to make the time. I find it's such a great way to learn new techniques and keep your work progressing, you can very quickly get left behind in this industry if you don't. 

The space is based on a restaurant in Shanghai called Mercato. As usual I fell in love with the space and thought with it being a detailed large space it would be a good challenge to get stuck into. I followed the basic layout and design from the photographs and floor plans that I found on-line and then started to put my own interior design ideas into the space. 

I hope you like it and thanks for looking.. Vicky 

AO_Mercato_forweb2 AO_Mercato_forweb3 AO_Mercato_forweb4 AO_Mercato_forweb1