Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mercato Restaurant

Here is some new personal CGI work I started a while back... it's always difficult finding the time to work on stuff outside of live projects but I always try to make the time. I find it's such a great way to learn new techniques and keep your work progressing, you can very quickly get left behind in this industry if you don't. 

The space is based on a restaurant in Shanghai called Mercato. As usual I fell in love with the space and thought with it being a detailed large space it would be a good challenge to get stuck into. I followed the basic layout and design from the photographs and floor plans that I found on-line and then started to put my own interior design ideas into the space. 

I hope you like it and thanks for looking.. Vicky 

AO_Mercato_forweb2 AO_Mercato_forweb3 AO_Mercato_forweb4 AO_Mercato_forweb1


Reinier Reynhout said...

Hi Vicky,

Great work! I think your color balance is perfect, the materials are great and the detail in the scene is stunning.
This sort of work inspires me a lot to build more archviz materials.

Sotos said...

Beautiful work!!

teste said...

Fantastic! I really enjoyed your work. Tried to do a render in 360? I think it would be another show of inspiration and technical preciosity. Congratulations!

Nicolas Bulchak said...

Seriously beautiful CG work. Your attention to detail, composition, and texture work is outstanding. The only thing that sticks out to me is the repeated pattern on the chairs. Would love it if the uv's were shifted, or different wood could be used to differentiate the chairs as unique. Overall, really impressed

Ticky said...

Thank you guys for all your comments they are much appreciated and good feedback on the chairs! It was my first attempt at UVW unwrapping and a lot more to learn! Nice idea with the 360 Teste if I get chance I'll give it a go..

adit said...

good design, good render, great job..

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